Patient Stories

What Happens When a Neurosurgeon Needs a Neurosurgeon?

When Dr. Jose Nasser found out that had an acoustic neuroma, he turned to a friend who happens to be an expert on acoustic neuromas—Dr. Michael Sisti.

A Patient Surprises Dr. Sisti With a Gift No Money Can Buy

The gifts that move us, tug at our hearts, come when we least expect them and, in an instant, remind us of what’s important ...

Meet Dr. Sisti's Patient, Manuel Greco, on Video

Von Hippel-Landau (VHL disease) is rare and comes with chronic brain and spine tumors. That has not stopped Manuel Greco and his neurosurgeon, Dr. Sisti...

Jan Greenfield: Juggling Whatever Comes His Way

The story of Jan’s tumor starts on a nearly-normal day at work. Jan, who works in Columbia University Medical Center’s Cardiac Catheterization Unit, was just getting into the swing of his work day when one of the doctors on the unit—a cardiologist—stopped him. “You have slurred speech,” he said...

Meet Lisa Jewel, Dr. Sisti’s Patient

On the eve of her 49th birthday, Lisa Jewel developed a severe headache and difficulty speaking while driving. Luckily her daughter was with her, she pulled over, and was rushed to Columbia University Medical Center/NY Presbyterian Hospital where she was diagnosed with a large brain tumor.


Watch this terrific video where Ms. Jewel tells her incredibly inspiring story of survival and recovery with the help of her neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Sisti, from the Brain Tumor Center.


Patient Expressions of Gratitude

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