Dr. Michael Sisti Joins Columbia’s Twenty-Five Year Club

Dr. Michael Sisti now in the Columbia twenty-five year club

Neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Sisti on Columbia University’s Main Campus

They say time flies when you are having fun, and for no one is this more true than Columbia Neurosurgery professor, Dr. Michael B. Sisti.

A startling 25 years has passed since Dr. Sisti began working for Columbia University, though you would never know it by the spring in his step and the enthusiasm he brings to work.

“I work with the best people in the world,” says Dr. Sisti. “I have a job that I love—that I am good at. I get to help people with incredibly complex problems and make a major difference in their lives. I am where I am supposed to be.”

Dr. Sisti’s commitment was celebrated last month at the 60th Annual dinner of the Columbia University Twenty-Five Year Club. Dr. Sisti is the newest member of this stalwart group. Other members from Columbia’s Department of Neurosurgery include: Dr. Robert A. Solomon, Dr. Steven R. Isaacson, and Dr. Donald O. Quest.

Congratulations Dr. Sisti!

Learn more about Dr. Michael Sisti on his bio page here.

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