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Dr. Sisti's mentor, Dr. Bennett Stein, with Dr. Sisti and his sons.

One of Dr. Sisti’s great passions

Another passion of Dr. Sisti's

The car Dr. Sisti fell in love with as a resident and found a way to get it. It's a 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV 6 which he still owns and drives to this day.
Do you know which movie James Bond drove this car in?

One of Dr. Sisti's favorite places,
but mostly in the winter - Flying Point Beach, NY.

Something Dr. Sisti likes to do with colleagues/friends in his free time

See some of Dr. Michael Sisti's recognitions

You will probably met Dr. Sisti in his scrubs but he actually does have a suit. Here it is.

If you would like when you come in to see Dr. Sisti, you can discuss things other than brain surgery, too.

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