2017 Super Doctors and Rising Stars: A Guide to Outstanding Physicians

doctor symbolIn a foreign city, knowing someone makes all the difference. A friend who lives in the place you’re visiting can hook you up with everything you need there. Nothing beats the recommendations of a local.

Having to manage a medical condition can be a bit like that—there’s unfamiliar language to make sense of, and a new population of people to encounter. And just as when you’re traveling far from home, insider advice about where to go can be invaluable.

Each year, the firm MSP Communications creates a resource to offer patients just such advice. Researchers poll physicians in the New York area to find out which doctors they would turn to if they needed medical help.

The firm combines these endorsements with information about physicians’ awards, professional leadership and other accomplishments. At the end of the process, panels of experts place the doctors that qualify on two honor rolls: “Super Doctors” and “Rising Stars.”

Physicians are eligible for the Super Doctors list if they have been practicing for more than a decade. A separate list of Rising Stars highlights those who receive nominations in the earlier years of their practices.

Only about 5 percent of physicians in the New York area rated highly enough this year to be named Super Doctors. There were even fewer Rising Stars; approximately 2.5 percent of the doctors in our area earned that distinction.

We are proud to announce that, this year, the following members of the Department of Neurosurgery at Columbia University Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital received accolades:

Super Doctors
Dr. Robert Solomon
Dr. Richard Anderson
Dr. Jeffrey Bruce
Dr. E. Sander Connolly, Jr.
Dr. Neil Feldstein
Dr. Sean Lavine
Dr. Paul McCormick
Dr. Guy McKhann
Dr. Donald Quest
Dr. Michael B. Sisti
Rising Stars
Dr. Christopher Mandigo
Dr. Grace Mandigo
Dr. Marc Otten
Dr. Sameer Sheth

Congratulations to all!

Image credit: ©[Clker-Free-Vector-Images]/pixabay

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