Gamma Knife Center Celebrates Sixteen Years

1881 Gamma Knife 001Last week, the team at the Gamma Knife Center treated their 4,000th patient, and this week they are celebrating sixteen official years of service.

The Center opened its doors in 1998 with Dr. Steven R. Isaacson, a radiation oncologist, and Dr. Michael B. Sisti, a neurosurgeon, at the helm. Nine years prior to that opening, Dr. Sisti and Dr. Isaacson began their radiosurgery program here at Columbia.

“We have actually served 5000 patients over the last 25 years,” says Dr. Sisti. “The Linac Accelerator was in place in 1989 and with that, we had served 1000 patients through radiosurgery before we even opened the Gamma Knife Center.
Our patients have been very happy with our program and I still have contact with many of them 25 years in. I think this is because our radiosurgery program is unparalleled in it’s consistency and professionalism. The Gamma Knife Center has been a good place to be a patient and a good place to work too. We have consistently had extremely high-level teams where much of the staff has been here since we opened the Gamma Knife Center 16 years ago.” 


“This milestone is a testament to the dedication of the entire staff to our singular mission of providing the best care for patients,” says Dr.Isaacson. “Our doctors, nurses, and physicists have all participated in an enduring effort over almost 2 decades. Many have gone on to great careers in their unique specialties founded on the clinical and technical experience gained at the Gamma Knife Center.
Radiosurgery has been a focus of Dr. Sisti and mine since 1989. The Perfexion Gamma Knife has allowed us to extend the use of radiosurgery to more patients with more varied conditions and amongst more physicians then we ever anticipated.
On a personal note, it has been the center my professional efforts for over 25 years. Standards have been set that are of the highest quality dedication and clinical expertise. Difficulties have been overcome, outstanding goals have been achieved, and pronouncements of excellence have been validated locally nationally and internationally.
It is my fervent hope that this center, which is really a living breathing entity, will continue its successful journey far into the future”

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