Docs Go to Spain for 2013 ‘Society of University Neurosurgeons’ Conference

Columbia Neurosurgeons at SUN in Spain

From left to right: Dr. Quest, Dr. Connolly, Dr. Kaiser, Dr. Solomon, Dr. Sisti, Dr. Anderson & Dr. Bruce

“It’s great to see how neurosurgery is performed in other countries and to maintain relationships with doctors from all over the world,” says Columbia Neurosurgery Department Chair Dr. Robert Solomon of a recent trip he and his cohorts took to Malaga, Spain.

SUN Conference Attendees in Spain

The entire conference in front of their host, The University of Malaga

Dr. Solomon, Dr. Michael B. Sisti, Dr. Jeffrey Bruce, Dr. E. Sander Connolly, Dr. Richard Anderson, Dr. Donald Quest, and Dr. Michael Kaiser are all members of the  Society of University Neurosurgeons (SUN), and they took it upon themselves to attend the society’s annual meeting in Spain this year to learn, share and deepen international relationships.

The society hosts an annual meeting of program directors, chairmen, and academic leaders in the field of Neurological Surgery to highlight clinical and scientific endeavors in the neuroscience community. Each conference takes place in conjunction with a medical university and features academic discussion, scientific presentations, and scholarly lectures.–

Drs. Bruce, Sisti, & Solomon in Spain

From left to right: Dr. Bruce, Dr. Sisti & Dr. Solomon in Toledo, Spain

The SUN meeting was hosted by the University of Malaga (Marbella, Costa del Sol) this year and included an official extension of the meeting to Granada.

Dr. Solomon, Dr. Bruce and Dr. Sisti(see the three docs below left) also tacked on a side trip to Toledo, Spain for a little R & R with their wives.

Last year, the group went to Athens, Greece, and Turkey. Read about that trip here: Doctors Attend University Neurosurgeons European Meeting.

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