Like Fathers Like Sons: Paul McCormick Jr. & Alexander Sisti Don the White Coat

Paul McCormick, Jr. (left) & Alexander Sisti

Proud fathers Dr. Michael B. Sisti from our Brain Tumor Center and Dr. Paul McCormick from our Spine Center have welcomed their sons, Alexander and Paul respectively, into the fold.

Alexander and Paul recently graduated from Columbia College and have entered the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons’ (P&S) class of 2016.

Dr. Sisti and Dr. McCormick also attended medical school here at P&S; Dr. Sisti in the class of 1981 and Dr. McCormick in the class of 1982.

On August 13, 2012, the two neurosurgeons got to watch their sons take part in Columbia’s traditional White Coat Ceremony. This rite of passage was started here at Columbia in 1993 by The Arnold P. Gold Foundation.

Dr. Arnold Gold, who started the foundation, has been a faculty member of Columbia University and part of the Neurological Institute for almost 50 years. He also served as Professor of Pediatric Neurology for both neurosurgeons McCormick and Sisti during their training.

Dr. Gold’s White Coat Ceremony was designed “to welcome entering medical students and help them to establish a psychological contract for the practice of medicine. The event emphasizes the importance of compassionate care for the patient as well as scientific proficiency. Currently, a White Coat Ceremony or similar rite of passage takes place at more than 90% of schools of medicine and osteopathy in the United States, as well as at all four medical schools in Israel.”

You can learn more about the White Coat Ceremony at

Welcome future physicians Sisti and McCormick and Congratulations to proud papas Dr. Sisti and Dr. McCormick!

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