Docs Down to Duke for the Pinehurst Battle

(from left to right) Dr. E. Sander Connolly, Dr. Michael B. Sisti, and Dr. Sean Lavine with course director Dr. Gavin W. Britz

Dr. Sean Lavine, Dr. Michael Sisti, and Dr. E. Sander Connolly are back from a rather unique medical conference in North Carolina last week, The Battle at Pinehust.

The meeting er… battle, officially called Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Course – Battle at Pinehust, was held over the course of four days at the Endosurgery Center at Duke University School of Medicine. Their overview is given below:

The Battle at Pinehurst is a gloves-off educational program that will feature British parliamentary-style debating techniques to present key aspects of diseases involving the cerebrovascular system and skull base. The speakers and moderators have been instructed to leave the show-and-tell talks behind. Instead, the speakers will bring their debating skills and data to support their argument. Duke Endosurgery Center

Dr. Lavine says, “The meeting had a refreshing style that allowed for an open and honest discussion of our opinions about controversial topics based on our clinical experience and the medical literature.”

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