Gamma Knife Then and Now: 3,000 Patients and Counting

Dr. Sisti (left) & Dr. Isaacson in 1998 when The Gamma Knife Center opened

In 1998, Dr. Michael B. Sisti and Dr. Steven R. Isaacson opened our Gamma Knife Center with nurses Nenita Magpantay-Nadera and Jeraldine Lesser.

Thirteen years later, we are proud to say, the same team is still here!

“The equipment has changed but the people have not,” says Dr. Sisti. “Except, of course, we have a heck of a lot more experience. We just did our 3000th Gamma Knife.”

Today they run the state-of-the-art  Gamma Knife Perfexion System, thanks to a recent multi-million-dollar upgrade.

The Gamma Knife isn’t really a knife, but a large machine that generates a highly concentrated beam of radiation that is used to specifically target a lesion in the brain.

The Gamma Knife is used to treat a multitude of problems including Brain Tumors, Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations (AVMs), Epilepsy, and functional disorders such as trigeminal neuralgia.

In 1998, Leksell’s Gamma Knife Treatment Statistics, showed 100,000 patients treated with the Gamma Knife, ten years later that number had increased to half a million and has kept on growing.

Though this new Gamma Knife technology can be found in other centers around the world now, few can boast the experience that our team has.

This experience has paid off too; in patient satisfaction. Earlier this year, we sent out a bunch of surveys and the results were incredible.

On 100% of the patient surveys we received, patients said they would recommend our center to a friend who needed Gamma Knife treatment. They also consistently said our staff was pleasant, courteous, and made every effort to make them feel at ease before,during, and after treatment.

Additionally, we have received countless letters from our patients grateful for the treatment they received. Here are Some of the many positive comments received by the Gamma Knife team over the years:

The Gamma Knife Team today from left to right: Jeraldine Lesser, Dr. Sisti, Dr. Isaacson and Nenita Magpantay-Nadera

The headaches are gone entirely and we thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts. Everybody at the Gamma Knife Unit went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and at ease. We still cant believe the change in me.  Thank you all.
I’d like to thank you for making my Gamma Knife Treatment a pleasant and positive experience. Your professionalism and knowledge together with your warmth and humor made me feel comfortable and allayed my fears. You have effectively been able to create a comfortable, caring and cheerful atmosphere for your patients.
My parents and children can now kiss me on my face. This may not be such a significant achievement to others, but to me its an accomplishment I doubted could ever take place.
The new facility looks amazing and everyone was great. They made me feel very comfortable and informed me of every step during the day. They answered all of my questions, and questions my family had were answered and even followed up with me after the procedure to
make sure I was doing O.K.
I thought the care and attention was the best I have ever received. My overall experience was incredible. The 1:1 attention was by far the best.

Today, through our New Jersey Practice, we are also treating patients at Valley Hospital’s new Gamma Knife Center.

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