Check Out Our New Gamma Knife: Upgrade Complete

Perfexion Gamma Knife with its cover off before it left the factory in Sweden

Our multi-million dollar Gamma Knife up-grade is complete.  The new state-of-the-art Gamma Knife Perfexion System is in place and our radio surgery program is back in full swing.

Dr. Michael B. Sisti from the Gamma Knife Center says, “We have had a great start for the week, with a total of eleven patients and the following conditions treated: three acoustic neuromas, four meningiomas, one Glomus Jugulare tumor, one brain metastasis, one lymphoma, and one case of trigeminal neuralgia.”

Our Centurion Perfexion Gamma Knife on Site

The Gamma Knife (not a literal knife) generates a highly concentrated beam of radiation that is used to specifically target these kinds of lesions in the brain as well as brain tumors, cerebral arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), and epilepsy.

The upgrade to the Perfexion system has expanded this capability to include more treatment areas within the brain, and an advanced planning system that enables even greater accuracy.


According to Elekta,the maker of the Perfexion System, there is also, “faster set-up and treatment delivery to one or more tumors in a single session[.]”

Our Centurion Perfexion Gamma Knife on Site

As the 100th unit produced by the company, Elekta gave the machine a unique gold finish and gold colored patient mattress.  Accordingly, Dr. Sisti and his group have coined it the Centurion Perfexion Gamma Knife!

Dr. Sisti says, “The unit is beautiful installed with its covering on too. We are happy to offer our patients the increased capability and accuracy of this new machine. Our treatments have been seamless.  We just treated our 2900th patient and we hope to treat our 3000th patient this year.”

Watch this video to learn more about the new Perfexion Gamma Knife.

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