Best Doctors in NY now Available to More in NJ

We are happy to announce that members of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (BCBSNJ) now have access to the Best Doctors in New York.  (see our previous blog: NY Magazine Announces Best Doctors and We Made the List!)

BCBSNJ has over 3 million members and we now have the largest number of participating neurosurgeons in the state of New York.

This has been the result of a 20 year effort by; Department Chair, Dr. Robert A. Solomon, Dr. Michael B. Sisti from both the Brain Tumor and Gamma Knife CentersDr. Donald O. Quest from the Spine Center, and Dr. Paul C. McCormick also from the Spine Center.

The doctors who participate with Blue Cross/Blue Shield are: Dr. Michael B. Sisti, M.D.Sean D. Lavine, M.D.Michael G. Kaiser, M.D.,Richard C.E. Anderson, M.D.Neil A. Feldstein, M.D.Robert R. Goodman, M.D.,Ph.D.Guy M. McKhann II, M.D.Donald O. Quest, M.D.Christopher J. Winfree, M.D.Alfred T. Ogden, M.D.Jobyna Whiting, M.D.David Estin, M.D.Jonathan H. Lustgarten, M.D.Ty J. Olson, M.D,Anthony L. D’Ambrosio, M.D..  Also, Gaetan Moise, MDDorothea Strozyk, MD are pending but should be up and running soon.

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